Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have put together the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you have any further questions that are not addressed below, please get in touch here.

Jodie’s mobile grooming service provide the following services:

  • Dog Grooming
  • Dematting/Clipping
  • Cat Grooming
  • Tick Removal
  • Nail Treaments

All of our services are provided at your home making it perfect if you find it difficult to get your pet to the groomers because of limited mobility. As the grooming is also done in the pets environment, this makes it less stressful and ideal for elderly or nervous dogs.

Dog groomers keep dogs fur and coats in good conditions; This is achieved by shampooing, brushing, trimming and grooming the dogs to ensure their coat stay healthy.

  • On arrival you can meet with Jodie to discuss your dog’s grooming requirements.
  • Jodie will then setup her grooming parlour and your dog will be bathed and shampooed using a shampoo that is suited to your dog’s skin and coat requirements.
  • Your dog’s will then be dried which also removes any dead hair.
  • Jodie will then brush out the coat ready for your dog’s trim.
  • Your dog’s coat will then be cut or clipped or both by Jodie, depending on your requirements.
  • To finish off, Jodie will trim your dog’s nails and clean your dog’s ears if needed.
  • Your dog will then be ready to go and play.
  • Most breeds can take up to 2 hours for a full groom

Jodies Groom Room is located in Fareham. As a mobile dog groomer Jodie also covers Gosport, Portsmouth, Emsworth, Petersfield and Southampton and any areas in-between these.

Jodie can be contacted by telephone on 0758 429684. You can also send any enquiries via email to Jodiesgroomroom@gmail.com or by using our contact form at https://www.jodiesgroomroom.co.uk/#contact

Jodie’s Mobile Groom Room offers grooming services for all dog breeds, small, medium, large or X large. For a full price list of different breeds, see our pricing page here: https://www.jodiesgroomroom.co.uk/#prices

Our Mobile Grooming pricing is based on the size and breed of the pet. You can use our search feature on our pricing page to find the prices for all major breeds of dog. If your dog isn’t on the list, please get in touch for a personalised quote.

You can view all of our prices here: https://www.jodiesgroomroom.co.uk/#prices
And you can contact us here: https://www.jodiesgroomroom.co.uk/#contact

Jodie is a qualified dog groomer and also a fully qualified pet first aider. You can rest assured that your pet is in good hands.

As a mobile dog groomer the bulk of Jodie’s grooming services are provided at the pets home. However, Jodie also operates our of Hampshire Dog Club where they have full in door grooming facilities. You can find out more information about the Hampshire Dog Club here: http://www.hampshiredogclub.com/grooming-room/