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I am a Qualified Mobile Dog Groomer in Fareham and surrounding areas. I offer my services for all dog breeds, small, medium, large or X large.

All done in the comfort of your own home, making it less stressful and ideal for elderly or nervous dogs.

My mobile service is perfect if you find it difficult to get your pet to the groomers because of limited mobility.

Having worked with dogs for 4 years and I having two German Shepherds myself. I am a huge animal lover and I’m passionate about working with dogs.

I’m a fully Qualified Pet First Aider so you can rest assured that your pets are in safe hands.

My services don’t just cover dogs. I’m also happy to groom cats and rabbits. 

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Our Services

Groomed German Shepherd

Dog Grooming

I can bath your dog either using your own shampoo if your dog has any specific needs for medicated shampoo or I can use my own shampoo which helps reduce itching and flakiness of the skin and also leaves a calming aroma which is perfect for nervous dogs.
I have my own portable table, drier and bath which is ideal for post surgical dogs or older dogs as it is like a big swimming pool which they can easily step in and out of there is no lifting. Or if you prefer and have a shower or bath which your dog feels more relaxed in and your happy for me to use I can bath them using your bath/shower.
For small to medium sized dogs I can trim or clip them on my table or for large/X Large sized dogs I have a big blanket which they can stand or lay on while I trim or clip them. I have found this works well for older dogs or dogs that have certain conditions which makes it difficult for them to stand on the table for long periods of time. For example if your dog has Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia or any other conditions that make it difficult for your dogs to stand for long periods of time. My own dog has a spinal condition so I always trim and brush them on the floor as it is more comfortable for her.
I can also hand strip your dog. This works well for breeds such as border terriers as they have a wire coat. I pluck the top layer of hair out with my fingers or stripping knife and this leaves your dog’s coat lovely and smooth.

Groomed dog

Dematting / Clipping

It’s important to brush your dogs coat regularly, because it doesn’t just get out that dead hair and leaves your dog’s coat feeling smooth and looking great it also helps to keep your dogs coat and skin clean and healthy.
I know winter is hard for all of us with dogs and there is no avoiding the rain and mud, but if your dog gets wet or has to be washed after a walk, drying them as best you can either with a towel or even better a dog drier and finished off with a complete brush through will keep your dogs coat in really good condition. If the dog is left wet with no brush through the hair will end up sticking together as the strands are not separated which will result in mats.
I will only ever completely demat/clip your dog if your dog’s entire coat is matted to the point that I cannot physically comb or brush through it. I have only ever have to do this on dogs that are never brushed. I know it’s hard to brush your dog everyday but especially breeds that do not malt or shed such as cockapoos have a double coat so they still need to be brushed through as their coats mat very easily.
When matting is extreme to the point your dogs entire coat is matted and you can’t get a brush through it, this isn’t just uncomfortable for your dog but can cause serious health issues. When your dogs coat is in this condition it traps in heat, there is no air getting to your dog so they can over heat, it’s extremely itchy and it pulls on your dog’s skin so it is painful. As a dog groomer I hate having to completely clip off a dogs coat because it’s very painful for them. It’s only very rare I have to do this. But if you brush your dogs regularly this will never be an issue.

Groomed cat

Cat Grooming

If you have a cat which will not allow you to comb their coats, I am happy to provide this service. It is just as important to comb your cats coat as it is your dogs as their coats can mat just as easily as a dog.
All of my mobile grooming services are based in Fareham and the surrounding areas.


Our Mobile Grooming pricing is based on the size and breed of the pet. Using the search features below, you can search for your breed to find out the prices. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. Our mobile dog grooming service is based in Fareham and the surrounding areas.

Prices By Breed

Alaskan malamute£25-£30
Basset Hound£20
Bernese Mountain Dog£45-£60
Bearded Collie£40
Border Collie£27
Bichon Frise£30
Border Terrier£30
Boston Terrier£17
Bull Terrier£20
Bull Dog£20
Collie (rough)£35-£40
Cairn Terrier£30
Chow Chow£50
Cocker Spaniel£30
Dachshund (long haired/wired)£22-£28
Dachshund (smooth)£17
Fox Terrier£30
Flat coat Retriever£30-£35
French Bull Dog£17
Golden Retriever£30
Great Dane£25
German shepherd£35-£40
Hungarian Vizsla£20
Irish Terrier£30
Irish wolfhound£45-£60
Jack Russell£25
Kerry Blue Terrier£30
Kings Charles£28
Lakeland Terrier£30
Old English Sheepdog£45-£60
Poodle (mini)£32
Poodle (Standard)£40
Poodle (toy)£30
Scottish Terrier£30
Shih Tzu£30
Springer Spaniel£30
St Bernard£45-£60
Schnauzer (Mini)£28
Schnauzer (Standard)£30
Schnauzer (Giant)£40
Tibetan Terrier£30
Welsh Terrier£30
Westie £30-£35
Long Haired Hungarian Vizsal£40
Yorkshire Terrier£25-£30

Bathing Prices

X Large£35

Dematting/Complete Clip off Prices

Time TakenSizePrice
Up to an hourSmall£30
Up to an hourMedium£35
Up to an hourLarge£40
Up to an hourX large£45
Between 1-2 hoursSmall£35
Between 1-2 hoursMedium£40
Between 1-2 hoursLarge£45
Between 1-2 hoursX large£50
Between 3-4 hoursSmall£40
Between 3-4 hoursMedium£45
Between 3-4 hoursLarge£50
Between 3-4 hoursX large£55
Between: 4-5 yoursSmall£45
Between: 4-5 yoursMedium£50
Between: 4-5 yoursLarge£55
Between: 4-5 yoursX large£60
Over 5 hours:Small£50
Over 5 hours:Medium£55
Over 5 hours:Large£60
Over 5 hours:X large£65

Other Prices

Cat (de-shedding)£60
Nails£5 (Call out fee of £5)
Tick RemovalFree (Call out fee of £5)


Free Tick Removal ...

Ticks can transmit deadly diseases to a pet within 24 hours of a bite, so swift removal is key. I offer a free tick removal service to ensure your pet stays healthy. Subject to a £5 call out fee.

Nail Treatments ...

Treat your pet to a manicure and save those laminate floors. Nail treatments from £5.

The Purrfect Treatment...

It’s not only dogs that need special treatment. I also provide mobile grooming services in and around Fareham for cats and rabbits. Get in touch today to see how I can help with grooming your pets.

What My Customers Think

Valerie Standen
Valerie Standen Banjo had his first groom at home. I was a bit worried because I have 3 other dogs. Jodie managed to keep them all calm while they watched
Christine Thornton
Christine Thornton Jodie’s love of animals together with her gentle expertise of grooming really reflects on the dogs she is grooming. I would highly recommend Jodie to anyone looking for a dog groomer and because she can visit the dog within its home environment makes for a much more relaxed experience for both the dog and the owner.
Gill Schillemore
Gill Schillemore My Saluki loved Jodie the minute she walked through my door. My Saluki is really shy and usually hides away from anyone he doesn’t know but with Jodie it was love at first sight. Jodie has a calmness about her and is so gentle and caring that she even relaxed me and that takes some doing! She bathed, dried, trimmed and brushed my Saluki and he looks fabulous. Jodie listens to what you want done and follows the brief. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Lisa Drzystek
Lisa Drzystek Very highly would recommend Jodie, very happy with how she handles scarlett my German shepherd she’s a rescue so very nervous but improving. And she smells lovely when washed and trimmed and very soft. Jodie is very good with her.
Karen Ann
Karen Ann Highly recommend Jodie-she has a lovely kind nature, clearly adores animals and is so gentle. Digby was really relaxed for his hand strip-I think it’s great she is able to come to your home so it’s less stressful for the dog.
Sue Swords
Sue Swords Maisey is very anxious when being groomed but Jodie is amazing with her.

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I am located in Fareham and the areas I cover are, Gosport, Portsmouth, Emsworth, Petersfield and Southampton and any areas in-between these.



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